Let’s play to your strengths. 

At various points in life, most people experience failed attempts to get and stay organized, but for people with ADD/ADHD tendencies, this struggle is all the more common. 

ADD/ADHD brings its own set of unique challenges that can’t be readily fixed by the right productivity app, self-help book, or time management seminar. Because people with ADD/ADHD have their own innovative ways of thinking creatively, solving problems, and bringing great energy to all that they do, each person needs an individualized approach to productivity, organization, and task management. 

With personalized systems and support, life can be easier. 

When Mindy works with clients with ADD/ADHD, she first strives to understand their talents, strengths, and struggles, and then together they create personalized systems of organization that work for them – at home, work, and across their lives. 

By establishing strategies and ongoing routines, and through ongoing coaching sessions, Mindy’s clients learn to plan, organize, and follow-through on their tasks, projects, and life goals. Clients say that Mindy knows how to make “boring tasks” more exciting and engaging for them, so they stay on track and get things done more efficiently. 

How can I help you?

Mindy has specialized training and experience in working with adults with ADHD.  She works with clients one-on-one – in person, over the phone, or via Skype.  When working with clients, she may employ the following strategies or tactics:

  • Personal “stuff” / inventory management
  • Interruption prevention and management
  • Hyper-focus strategies
  • Task management
  • Motivation & procrastination management
  • Calendar management
  • Goal achievement strategies
  • Accountability coaching
  • Methods for understanding and controlling impulse buying and consumption 

The value of your time and support in helping people feel better is immeasurable.
— Small Business Client