Productivity expert, professional organizer, volunteer, mom + wife of hunky high school sweetheart

Mindy has been a speaker and panelist on topics about productivity in the workplace, organizing for your lifestyle, and organizing strategies for adults with ADHD.  

Those who’ve heard Mindy speak say that she is knowledgeable, funny, and engaging. They especially appreciate that she employs stories, examples, and real-world tools to help attendees be more productive and less stressed. 

What people have said...

"I really appreciated the topics discussed by Mindy. I hope they are implemented in the office and help us as a team."

"Everything that was presented was good information. Thank you for your presentation; I very much enjoyed it!"

"You gave me more ideas on how to better plan my days!"

"I learned how to more effectively handle the interruptions that happen in the environment."

"Thank you for telling me its ok to say that I don't have time right at this minute."

"I can't wait to put what I learned into the perspective of my life and implement them."

"I found the information about identifying 'time robbers' and staying self-aware about decision-making the most relatable to my life."

"I feel Mindy enabled me to confront the limitations/obstacles that I am creating for myself."

"It was helpful to know that I can set my own boundaries and question my own performance to utilize my time best."

"Thank you for teaching me that communicating effectively is useful in interactions with clients and  coworkers."

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