Are you overwhelmed with demands on your time? Does your office look like a war zone? Is your data filing system in total disarray? 

There is always so much to do, and often all of it seems equally important. What if something falls through the cracks? How do other people seem to get it all done?

The pace of the business world never slows down. Indeed, it seems to be increasing exponentially, and it’s difficult for professionals and business owners to keep up with all of the responsibilities that get added to their daily to-do lists. 

What if you could change your approach at work from reactive to proactive? You can. Mindy helps clients determine their priorities, and then structure their time and environment, so they can strategically achieve their desired results.

As a productivity expert, Mindy is experienced with understanding the uniqueness of each person’s personality, mental processing capabilities, and learning modalities. 

Together, Mindy and her clients implement the workflow systems and design work environments where interruptions are reduced, distractions are minimized, routine tasks are delegated and/or automated, and goals are achieved. 

Services for small business owners and professionals include: 

  • Goal achievement Strategy 
  • Tools and technology integration
  • Customer relationship management
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Adaptations to workspaces and work processes
    for professionals with ADHD, learning styles,
    and physical limitations
  • Speaking engagements at client facilities and
    at membership organizations
  • Work zone and space optimization 
  • Process/workflow improvement
  • Process evaluation 
  • Paper and electronic data filing systems
  • Email management 
  • Calendar management 
  • Task management 
  • Procrastination management
  • Organizational systems development 


Mindy helps clients in both the work/professional setting, as well as at home. Often her work with a client in one area of their life
(e.g. office task management) ends up extending to other areas of their life (e.g. systems for managing tasks at home as well). 

I really appreciated the topics discussed by Mindy. I hope they are implemented in the office and help us as a team.
— Small Business Client
Overall, Mindy has helped me streamline by business so I can be more effective as a home school mother, wife and business owner. I am having more fun and am much less stressed!
— Small Business Client
The world needs more people like Mindy. One of the most well-rounded, intelligent, gifted people I know. Truly a pleasure to have worked with her and even honor!
— Small Business Client
Thank you so much for helping me to realize the functionality of my space. My office, because of your help, looks good and is functional for my role. I now have a place for everything and it’s accessible!
— Small Business Client
She helped to streamline existing processes; created new processes for better efficiency and productivity; brought awareness to time wasting and better time management for myself as well as my team; fostered a better communication system between myself and staff through an understanding of different personality types and effective, clear and tactful communication techniques; instilled a positive influence on all staff; helped to launch our job management software into our daily operations; made problem resolution practices a priority to enhance both customer and employee experiences and retentiveness; exemplified the utmost in professional demeanor and influenced others to achieve a higher standard of personal professionalism...the list goes on.
— Small Business Client