You know what you want to accomplish in life – you want a home that feels inviting and organized; and you want to feel capable and productive at work. You are not afraid to put in an effort to accomplish your dreams, but there are only so many hours in each day. As you work to bring ideas to fruition, it is inevitable that obstacles and complexities will arise. What happens then? How can you prevent yourself from spinning your wheels or working to exhaustion?

Productivity coaching builds habits and changes lives. 

A productivity coach can help you implement your ideas over the long term. 

In addition to being a professional organizer, Mindy works as a productivity coach to motivate, support, and hold clients accountable. Through ongoing coaching, Mindy works at a deeper and more lasting level to help clients with hectic lives, chronic disorganization, ADD/ADHD, stressful transitions, and/or overwhelming work responsibilities. 

Mindy can help you learn to get yourself back on track when projects or plans get derailed, and she’ll help you hold yourself accountable as you strive to reach your goals. No, she doesn’t do this like an intimidating drill sergeant or nagging mom! Mindy’s coaching clients appreciate that they work hard while learning and evolving at the same time. They also say that they HAVE FUN and laugh often during their coaching sessions. 

Coaching often includes …

  • Conversations to increase awareness and understanding
  • Prioritizing
  • Goal setting 
  • Strategy development
  • Establishment of routines
  • Anticipation of obstacles & brainstorming of their solutions
  • Discussions about dealing with procrastination
  • Time and task management
  • Ongoing evaluation, feedback, and improvement

Clients say that Mindy is compassionate about their unique situations, and at the same time, she challenges and motivates them to follow through and achieve their dreams. 

Typically, coaching sessions are 45-60 minutes long. Some clients add coaching sessions before or after Mindy helps them to plan and implement home or work organization efforts. Other clients work with Mindy solely as a productivity coach, and they carry out any organizing projects on their own. 

Depending on your needs, struggles, and goals, Mindy can meet with you in person at home or work to discuss obstacles, explore solutions, determine a plan of action, and get started on the actual work. Mindy also coaches individual clients via phone or Skype. 

Mindy gave me her time and attention to keep me on track and prepared items of interest for me to take a look at, ponder and help generate new ideas.
— Small Business Client
She took time on the front end to get to know us and find out how we accumulated stuff and why we felt it was so hard to let go of. She helped us clarify our goals for hiring her and we found we were motivated in the weeks in between her six visits. She helped us with some techniques and actually made it fun to let go of stuff.
— Residential Client
You were my calm in the complexity of my work environment. Taking a few moments to process these thoughts gives me some clarity and perspective. You taught me the importance of these two words.
— Small Business Client